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Thursday, April 03, 2008

namiss ko lang magblog.
gusto ko lan maalala na tong araw n toh.
ansaya ko haha..

highschool parin ako next year,.although i have a choice..
i decided na grumaduate n dito..sang taon na lang naman.
at para sa isang canadian university student..
16 is far too young..^^
at sayang din ang scholarships na mkukuha ko just for graduating in a secondary school again..

but i feel sad too..
graduation--the memories are still fresh..
the goodbyes..the kisses and the wishes..
ayoko na talaga grumaduate ulit for the sole reason na..
i want to put "Caloocan City Science High School" as my secondary school sa resume ko.
korni..but it means a lot to me.
graduating again would mean erasing that precious name..
and replacing it with the school i dont know nothing about..

but does go

i miss y'all guys.
im perfectly fine..with just my little flaw.
i can't help thinking about you all..
narating ko na rin yung point na gusto ko bumalik ng highschool pero mas gusto ko ng ipagpatuloy ang buhay ko..

i swear i'll never lose our yearbook..nor all of our memories..
i wish you are all still there when i come back..
i haven't changed a still the person you knew..


music please!

moi :)
im yours forever..<3

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