My love for you for will never end..............
the feeling...
Friday, December 29, 2006

hugs? holding hands? hatiran? kulitan?

they're all happy for me..happy coz im back..smiling again..

and back with someone they all think im in love with..


they dont know WHAT IT be like this..

they dont know what is really going on..

but it is just fine..if they think that way then..why not?
it's happy to hear those people cheering for you..
but sometimes it hurts..

especially when you know..whatever you do..IT CAN'T BE TRUE..
We swore a promise to ourselves...

and with that, nothing else will happen..

I know A LOT of things about him..

the way he thinks..the way he does these things..

and all those sweetness will just fall in one of his characteristics..

a sweet, caring and loving FRIEND..

and..that's ALL..

i'm not sad if that is the case..

The truth is..I'm happy because even if we don't really love each other..

we have the happiness in our hearts...

and that is more important..

hope this'll last forever..and ever.. ^_^

Someday,'ll'll know..what i really felt for you..

right now im such a numb man..
im even numb to sadness..

although i know it is there..i cant feel it..

and that's why im not ready to fall in love again..
sometimes you just have to think of other things..
other than this crazy feeling..

today im just hoping to erase all this numbness..because it makes me feel worse..

"i'll forever be your friend..your BEST friend..."

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"there's no way i could be bitter..

nor hurt..
coz there' s just no right for me to feel it.."

[sounds more bitter right?]
[that's why i hate those lines...]

but now..
all i have to say..
im enjoying my life..lets just say im only bidding LOVE goodbye..
the feeling that gave me a lot of pains..
a lot of tears..
but most of gave me a hell lot happiness more than anyone could imagine..
and that's a brighter side for you..

well im not saying bye to love for all.. for your special someone..
im just not addicted to that things nowadays..
all i can have are..a lot of crush and admirations..etc.
but..a feeling greater than that..i think I can't enter one right now..


let's say i've already baded goodbye,,
so what's just happened to shyrr magne lelis nowadays?
the 2nd floor won the MAMs..
einstein placed 1st..[woo!!]
newton 2nd..
prism 3rd..
the einsteinians recently adopted a family of cats living in their room..(ü)
a total of 5 gold plus 1 silver..[sounds so glad]
we've rearranged our "achievements corner" that day,,
I already felt it was friday..

well..since the english month has just finished..
next is the boys and girls week..
and i was assigned to be the counterpart of Mrs. Clarisa Avila..
so I'm the one to teach Basic and Advanced Chemistry..
sounds happy coz she trusted me..(:D)
but I feel a lot of also nervous.. :(
hope i can surpass this!

I owe diana a lot..
a lot..for mistaking her name..[sorry na]
i dunno what had just happened to my stupid mouth..
but when my mind calls diana's name..
my tongue just said the name of someone else..
sounds that she got irritated about it..that's why I apologized so much..
[dnt want to share what that name was]

but anyway..don't wanna think about it...
All i can say is to enjoy life..
live each day to the fullest..

don't be afraid to tell your loved one that you love him/her..
its just that..
tomorrow might never come..
in that way you'll not face regret at the end...

bye for now...ü

music please!

moi :)
im yours forever..<3

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